Pre-Hike Jitters

Happy New Years everyone! Harley and I both hope you all enjoyed ringing in the new year and hopefully got out on some trails today. We certainly did. Had my first hike of the year at Max Patch just in time to watch the sunset. And watch the snow clouds lightly dust the mountaintops. I’m one lucky girl!

I’m so incredibly excited. I got a good bit of hiking gear for Christmas and I cannot wait to test it all out. My brother and I are heading out tomorrow for an overnight trip, we were originally hoping to stay out for two nights, but alas, the weather gods are against us and we’ve decided to cut the trip short one day just to be safe. I’d rather not end my winter break with hypothermia, thank you very much.

My parents got me some really amazing gear:

Optimus Crux Stove (this thing is so tiny and incredibly light weight, I couldn’t believe it. And the amount of heat it gives off is phenomenal. I really can’t wait to use it)

Optimus Terra Weekend HE Cook Set (this set is so light weight and has grips on the bottom so it fits the stove well. The stove also fits perfectly inside of the set. Pretty excited about it!)

– And most importantly, a Sawyer Mini Water Filter (it’s always really important to make sure your water is clean).

I also have some fairly new boots that need breaking in, my Oboz Wind River boots. I’m a huge fan of them so far. I still feel a little clumsy in them since my last shoes were essentially just trail shoes. These have so much support, the height of the boot takes a little getting used to. But they are very warm, sturdy, and have great traction (which is perfect for someone as clumsy as myself).

I’m pretty sure my brother is just as excited as I am about trying out these new gadgets. I’ve certainly got the pre-hike jitters and I have a feeling it’s going to be a rough night. I’m ready to be out on the trails and starting the New Year off right! It’s been far too long since I’ve spent the night in a tent. It’s going to be cold, that’s for sure, but luckily for me I have a dog who enjoys sleeping in the sleeping bag with me.

I promise to take some good photographs and come back with a few good stories. See you all in a few days!

Happy Trails!


2 thoughts on “Pre-Hike Jitters

  1. Was there any snow on top of max patch yet? Is it safe to drive to the trailhead? I am actually planning a trip there next week. Last year when I went, the weather was not good and too much snow. Hoping to have better luck this time!


    • When we went last week there was no snow! It’s been a pretty snow-less winter so far! We had no issues getting to the trailhead. I think you’ll be fine to go this week! I hope you get to go (safely) and have fun! It’s one of my favorite spots!!


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