Addicted to Technology

Perhaps I’ve had too much time to think lately, I’ve got a few posts lined up that are entirely too contemplative. I apologize in advance!

I’ve been thinking about my dependence on technology. I’ve become all too attached to my phone. I generally have it on airplane mode while I’m hiking so I can disconnect for at least a little bit.  But even with my phone on airplane mode I am constantly pulling it out to take photographs and I have to wonder if this is detracting from my experience outside. But the truth is, I enjoy taking the photos, capturing the moments, and having the ability to share those moments with all of you.

I also realize that I am way too dependent on my phone. I feel slightly incomplete or naked without it. I always have it near, always checking the time, checking my emails, checking for notifications. I am addicted. So how do I overcome this?

As far as hiking goes I’m going to challenge myself to turn my phone off and bring my camera instead. In every day life I’m challenging myself to put my phone away by 10:00 pm and dedicate the rest of my night to reading or writing. And when I’m with friends, it’s going in my purse, on silent, and staying there unless I’m using the camera.

It’s hard to ignore that need to check my phone constantly. It’s become such a staple item in my life, I honestly don’t know how to get on without it. I can’t read a paper map, not well anyways, I rely on my phone for directions. I don’t even own a compass, there’s one on my phone. My camera hasn’t been used in ages because I just my phone now. A little lost on the trail? Or the road? That’s ok, I’ve got my phone right here… Want to read the reviews on this product or that restaurant? That’s ok, I’ve got my phone…

Could you honestly go 24 hours without your phone? What about 48? Or a week? Or longer?


3 thoughts on “Addicted to Technology

  1. I know exactly what you mean! That is why recently when I took a road trip, I didnt use my phone at all, I used an atlas and listened to the radio. I think I could probably go 3 or 4 days without my phone, but probably start to really be missing it by then!

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    • I would definitely like to give that a go some time soon. Relying on a map and cutting yourself off from the distractions of technology can be so rewarding (plus it’s an important skill to learn). I feel like it’s easier, at least when backpacking, to go phoneless over the summer months since the days are longer and warmer. Backpacking in these winter months means holing up in tent pretty early with time to kill.


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