Good News! (mostly)

Most of you know that I’ve been out of the hiking game for over a month now. Back in January I injured my knee on a hike, after a visit to the doctor I was told that I should stop all physical activity for the next month and start physical therapy. So, like a good patient, I haven’t been hiking or camping since January. At this point I have cabin fever, especially with the warmer weather that we’ve been getting. Life has been especially chaotic (in a good way) and I could use nothing more than a few hours on a trail.

Luckily for me, I had my follow-up doctor’s appointment yesterday and received (mostly) good news! While I still don’t fully understand what’s causing the irritation in my knee I have at least been given the green light to start easing into hiking. YAY! So this weekend I plan on taking full advantage of these warm, sunny days and setting out on a trail or day, maybe even camp. Goodness knows, both Bear Bait and I desperately need this! this poor dog has cabin fever worse than I do.

And here comes the bad news… When I asked about running I was told that I shouldn’t run, ever, it would only cause more aggravation in my knee. I was told that if I wanted cardio I could try an elliptical or a spinning class. But here’s my problem with that: those are both indoor activities. Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t do indoor very well. I refuse to accept this as fact. I am only 24 and I refuse to accept that at this age I should not run anymore. Possibly ever. That’s ridiculous. If anything, those words only made me more determined to start running again.

The other dreaded words that I received… If my knee starts to become irritated again I will have to look into a cortisone shot. I am so not ok with that! There has to be a better way to manage and preferably prevent the pain in my knees.

I guess you could say that I’m a pretty stubborn person, so being told that I shouldn’t do something only strengthens my resolve to find ways that I can do it. My focus for right now is simply building up my mileage again and steadily adding more difficult terrain and weight. I know from past experience that jumping straight back into things does not end well so I’ll be testing my patience as I try to get back to where I was pre-injury. I am very much looking forward to some quality time spent on the trail this weekend though.

4 thoughts on “Good News! (mostly)

  1. @ 25 I had knee surgery due to a tear in my knee, was told the same thing, @ 30 I was back to running 8-12 miles a day. Had it not been for my back injury at 33 I would probably still be running. I have told myself @36 and almost fully healed, I’ll be back to it again, I am finally back on the trails this year.


  2. Anna, have you tried hot/cold therapy on your knee? It works amazingly well for me to keep the inflammation and pain down after running or hikes with long steep downhills (those just destroy my right knee). It might not be an answer for your injury but it might be worth a shot.


  3. Hey Anna. I feel bad for you I know your pain. I injured my ankle while climbing in November and just this month I have finally been able to run on it! Have you tried outdoor yoga and what about substitute indoor cycling to mountain biking!


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