Why I Hike Solo

In case you missed it, I got an ambassadorship with Oboz Footwear! I am more than ecstatic. To say that I love their boots is an understatement. I honestly only own Oboz boots (I currently own four pairs with eyes on a couple more). Every pair has gone above and beyond my expectations. I tested out my Beartooth BDry backpacking boots over the weekend and loved them. Considering that I really did no work breaking them, my feet fared surprisingly well!

Anyways, I’ll write a review on all of the boots soon enough. The point of this post was to tell you that my first article for Oboz was published last week! I wrote about why I hike solo. You can find the post here. I’d also recommend checking out some of the other articles! There are some awesome articles from some very experienced hikers! It’s pretty amazing to be a part of such a great team of ambassadors.

Why I Hike Alone

I don’t hike for the physical benefits (though that’s an added bonus). I hike to stay sane, to have a way to unwind and disconnect from the technology that runs my life during the week. I spend five days a week surrounded by hundreds of people as the Community Outreach Coordinator for AmeriCorps Project POWER, and by the end of the week I’m drained. I am an introvert. Which means that when the weekend rolls around, all I want is alone time on the trails.

When I first started hiking solo, at age 22, I knew nothing. I had no experience or skills to prepare myself for being alone on a long trail….

3 thoughts on “Why I Hike Solo

  1. As a big fan of solo hiking myself I enjoyed reading your post on the Oboz site. From your mention of a four footed baby I’m guessing you have a trail dog. I am curious if the pup always comes along or if you’ve noticed the difference on trips with and without a companion animal?

    Might make an interesting post. 🙂

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