First Day Of Fall

Blankets of Clouds

I am entirely aware of how alone I am. Not a soul on the trail besides my own, joined only by the chirps of the birds as they hop from tree to tree. There is only silence around me, I take little comfort in my solitude. Every noise a thunderous crashing, courtesy of hopping squirrels and little birds. As I realize the source behind these thunderous footsteps, a small smile creeps upon my face. I start to relax a little and take more comfort in my surroundings. This is where I belong. This well-known path that my feet have travelled countless times.

Mountain Sketches

I am higher than the clouds, dense blankets of white and grey rolling through the valleys.The familiar horizon of the blue ridge mountains has disappeared behind the soft, fluffy blankets. I watch in awe as they creep slowly out of the valleys, an eerie, smokey mist disappearing into the sky. Stray wisps of clouds roll up and over the mountain tops, cascading over their peaks.

The wind is my constant companion, howling in the depths of the valleys and whistling gently in my ears, inviting the cold to bite at the tips of them. The sun is warm, but the chilly breeze bites at my exposed skin. My ears even sting from the cold.

IMG_9538Along the path, I find a rock that hangs over the edge of the mountain, hills cascading down below it. Immediately I make myself comfortable and soak in all that there is to see. I am perched on a mountain top, the sun warming my back. I feel disconnected from the stress that invades my daily life. I am relaxed. Happy. At peace.
The trees are slowly losing their vivid bright green hues, losing the battle to vibrant oranges, yellows and reds. The mountains are a collage of beautiful warm tones. Fall is here. Fall is really, finally here. I breath in deeply. The air is pure and crisp, even warm underneath the morning sun. The path is visible from my perch, inviting me to explore a little further…

What a beautiful day to be alive.


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