I am Woman

Hear Me Roar!


Grand Ideas

I think I had this big idea that if I left the safety net of home I would flourish. That every demon in my past would disappear. That moving would somehow change me and make me a different person.

First Day Of Fall

I am entirely aware of how alone I am. Not a soul on the trail besides my own, joined only by the chirps of the birds as they hop from tree to tree. There is only silence around me, I take little comfort in my solitude. Every noise a thunderous crashing, courtesy of hopping squirrels…

Live Your Kurgo Adventure

A while ago I entered a contest on a whim. I didn’t think it would ever go anywhere so I don’t think I ever fully admitted to myself just how much I wanted to win this. The contest is being hosted by Kurgo, a company that makes outdoor & travel products for dogs. They are…

Apologies & Adventures

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted on here, and for that I apologize. Life has taken on a craziness of it’s own and time seems to be flying by with little down time! I’m not going to complain though! It’s been wonderful (albeit slightly exhausting). So what’s new? Things are busy! I have…