New Domain Name!

As my blog is continuing to grow I have decided to buy a domain name. I am currently in the process of doing this and I have a few options. I’d love your input, so please vote!

If you’re wondering where Bear Bait comes from, that’s my dog’s trail name 🙂

Thank you so much for your continued support and making this more of a reality for me! I look forward to seeing your favorites!


9 thoughts on “New Domain Name!

  1. What an adorable concept for a blog! The travels of you and your dog. It almost makes me want to start one with my chihuahuas. They probably wouldn’t take too kindly to multiple hikes and whatnot. Their little legs and all. Aw.

    I look forward to reading more about your adventures. And good move on buying your own domain. It becomes your own little piece of the internet!

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    • Thank you so much! You’re so sweet! My dog and I are a pair and I really don’t go anywhere without him. It only seems fitting that he becomes part of my blog. I don’t think your chihuahuas would appreciate the adventure as much! But it’s always fun to include them some how 🙂


      • The best kind of pairs include a dog and his best friend. My dogs are my world. Actually, I kind of have to share them with my husband, but oh well! One loves car rides and the other hates them, but she likes exploring. The little one gets tired easily.
        But one day when we get a big dog to add to the family, it will be the same case!
        Can’t wait to read what you and Bear Bait get into!


      • I have to agree entirely! I like to joke that my dog is my better half. He’s my world too, so I understand that entirely. He doesn’t share me very well, he actually gets a little jealous! But he’s my adventure dog! He loves going for hikes, and he knows what it means when I’m getting my pack and hiking boots out 🙂


      • Of course they are our better half. Luckily we have two chihuahuas so one is more partial to my husband and the other is more partial to me. Lately my “mama’s boy” has been abandoning me more and going to him, but it’s okay. That is adorable, though, I love that he knows by your hiking boots coming on. I can’t wait to read more!


      • I’m on the same track. I’m looking to use Amazon Associates for some minor ad revenue. The problem is that I’ll have to switch from to and start hosting the site myself. It’s a bit of a process, but probably worth it in the end. Let me know how it goes for you!

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  2. I say definitely take some time to consider the domain name! Think of something you’re sure you will still like years down the road. Using your dogs trail name in there is great. When I first started my wordpress and chose a domain name, it never quite struck me as fitting for my blog. Two months later, my current domain name popped into my head and I knew it was the right one for me so I switched it. Spunky was my nickname as a kid and moose have always been one of my favorite animals. Long as my blog goes well, I know I’ll buy the domain in the future. Go with the domain name you love!


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