At a time where I have to limit what I do because of injuries and work, it’s easy to lose sight of adventure. It’s easy to say, It’s ok if I don’t get out this weekend, there’s always next weekend. Then that becomes the following weekend, and so on and before I know it, weeks or months have passed without any kind of adventure and I find myself with a severe case of cabin fever and wanderlust. Before I know it, I’m dreaming of all of these big adventures I’d love to go on but realistically just can’t. Then I start to feel down and I feel like there’s no way to quench this undying thirst for adventure.

Enter the Microadventure… After reading this article from the Women’s Adventure Magazine I decided it was time to really look into and understand this new concept.

The idea originated from Alastair Humphreys.

Microadventures are simple expeditions and challenges which are close to home, affordable and easy to organize. Ideas designed to encourage ordinary people to get Out There and Do Stuff for themselves, even in these tightened financial times. 

Still looking to learn more about Microadventures? Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Microadventures

So now I’m challenging myself to a year of Microadventures. I realized that I had to stop looking ahead to these bigger adventures and focus on the small and fun things that I can do now. So the challenge is to set out once a month on a mini adventure, it doesn’t have to be anything big.

This month there is a zodiacal light glowing in the West after sunset. Luckily enough for me, this upcoming week I’ll be staying on top of a mountain at a retreat center in the middle of nowhere, perfect place to go on a short hike to see the glow. Hopefully we’ll be able to get some clear skies to see the milky way too.

Basically, I’m really just trying to remind myself that it’s ok if I can’t make it backpacking or go on long hikes. As long as I do my best to seek small adventures in my day to day life. I have to make sure that I don’t get lost in my 9-5 and in turn lose my sense of adventure. Life gets in the way sometimes, so it’s really important to make time, even if that just means just going to the park for a sunset picnic. Just get outside and enjoy yourself! I think, in the end, it’s really about finding a way to love life, especially when you might be getting tired of the monotony. You have to find a way to find that spark and energy that make you excited to get up in the morning. The more time we spend outside and connected with nature, I think we start to feel centered and calm. We spend our days sat in front of computers and we come home exhausted and crash on the couch to binge on Netflix, that’s not living! So I dare you to find a way to bring a little adventure into your life.


9 thoughts on “Microadventures

    • I have to agree! I’m so glad that I have discovered him and I’m really enjoying learn more about everything that he’s done. I’m happy to be spreading the word!


  1. I know exactly how you feel. I have been dealing with major back pain for the last couple of years. I kept setting my sites on these “real” adventures but they were the “big” type I used to do before the back thing. I couldn’t do them or was out for a couple of weeks if I did. I kept waiting for adventure until my back was better and I could do those things again. Weeks turned into a couple of years. Then I gave myself permission to redefine adventure and decided that easier was not any less valuable. That was definitely a breakthrough point for me and I think it helped me heal. I hope that it does the same for you.


    • Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment, I appreciate it!
      I’m so sorry that you’ve had to deal with back pain. That must be horrible. I’m glad that you’ve been able to find a way to redefine adventure though! It’s all about finding ways to be outside and still be comfortable!


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