Coming Home

Phew! Life has been a whirlwind! But that’s what makes it beautiful.

To keep it short, in January of last year I packed up all of my belongings in my car and left my home in North Carolina to find a new home in Portland.

People warned me about the rain. I thought, it can’t be that bad! I am a Brit after all. Man oh man! I was so wrong! Winter was rough for me there. So Much Rain! Don’t get me wrong, I loved it there. The coast was AMAZING and the Columbia River Gorge was breathtaking. I got to explore a part of the world that I had literally only ever seen in photographs. I made some wonderful memories and saw some amazing sights.

Being away from home made me realize that North Carolina is just that, home. I love it here and while I enjoyed my adventure in Portland, I am oh so happy to be back in the first place I have loved enough to call it home. I lived in a lot of places and never felt connected enough to the place to feel like I was home.

So I am BACK! Bear Bait and I will be making a strong return together! I can’t wait share our new adventures and our old ones with you. I have lots to share from year in the Pacific Northwest!

Much Love,

Anna and Bear Bait


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